Juvenile Travellers

The book Juvenile Travellers; Containing the Remarks of a Family using a Tour through the Principle States and Kingdoms of Europe with an account of the Inhabitants, Natural Productions and Curiosities was first published in 1801. It was Priscilla’s most popular book and can be seen as a critical mid-point in her writing of what came before and what would come later.

From her previous works such as Mental Improvement she uses a family of characters in this case the Seymour family. The book is set in the present day and the basis of the book is the family’s tour through Europe as a way of teaching children about other countries.

To achieve that Priscilla takes her characters on interesting and often exciting adventures. She introduces non-family characters and uses scenarios that physically separate characters and require them to write letters to each other describing their experience.

Along with the interesting text Juvenile Travellers is the first of Priscilla’s book to include a folded map and other features such as lists of the places visited.

Digital copy of the nineteenth edition of Juvenile Travellers

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The new century

In her journal Priscilla does not make special mention of the new century yet in her life it can be seen as an important turning point. Through the 1890s she had written a number of children’s books and in that time was beginning to develop a personal style. The themes of a mother’s education, the natural world and useful activity would continue on but Priscilla would overlay these with interesting scenarios and new features. What was to come, the book Juvenile Travellers, would be her most popular and set the scene for the travel series.

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Catherine comes to stay

In 1799 Priscilla’s son Edward moved his growing family to Burnham and the next year 7 year old Kitty came to say. Priscilla would superintend her education.  But the commitment would lead her to write, ‘my literary efforts have been greatly suspended. “The Travellers” are still unpublished. I have written a few Dialogues for a new work, and one story for another: my reading has likewise been confined.’

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Priscilla’s personal report card

In the preface to Priscilla’s Journal entries for 1800 she wrote, ‘Bell and I have passed 11 weeks together … have only just left me sufficient time to accomplish “The Travellers” – the list of my literary review is not large but on glancing over it I have the satisfaction to think the selection has been made with a view to solid improvement as well as the amusement of the present hour’.

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