A closer examination of the BDM Registers (see Babies post) suggests an alternative to what is known about Priscilla.

We know she had three children that lived to adulthood and two that died. It is also possible she had another baby that died.

The following has not been verified. Note the difference in the spelling of the two children born in 1775 and died 1779 – possibly a transcription error?

A search using Priscilla’s name only seem to locate births of her children and not burials whereas a search using Edward’s name reveals both.

Edward Wakefield & Priscilla Bell marry in 1771.

1772 – burial – Edward died aged 2 weeks father named as Edward Wakefield

1773 – birth – Isabella – survived to adulthood

1774 – birth – Edward – survived to adulthood

1775 – birth – Barclay

1775 – birth – Banlay

1776 – birth – Daniel – survived to adulthood

1779 – burial – Berkley- died aged 3, on 18 April 1779, father Edward Wakefield 

1779 – burial – Berkler – father Edward Wakefield

Note: Jonathan Bell’s memoir states that ‘two or three of Priscilla’s infants died’.

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  1. I’m wondering how accurate the records actually are: a Barclay and a Banlay in the same year seem as though they might be the same child. If “Berkley” died in 1779 aged three, he must have been a twin to Daniel, though is morel likely to be the Barclay born the year before. It also looks as though “Berkler” is the same child.

  2. After looking again at the information I’m inclined to agree that it was one child born on 4th September 1775 probably called Barclay and who died on the 15th or 18th of April 1779 before he had reached his 4th birthday.

    The only other explanation is that twins were born on the 4th September 1775 and given similar names Barclay and Banlay. The only thing that supports this is that the death of a child called Barkler is recorded as 15th of April and Berkley is the 18th of April but both were buried on the 19th.

  3. I think it was probably just the one child named Barclay – a family name in that Priscilla’s gradnfather was a Barclay – and the rest are clerical errors.

    I knew there had been a Barclay born, but this adds a poignant note as losing a three-year-old is very different from losing a new-born. Thanks for this.

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