Priscilla and education

Following are references to articles where Priscilla’s contribution to education is considered.

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Priscilla’s journal for the year 1798 reveals some of the detailed aspects of her life. In her 48th year she was very active and busy. Family is always at the forefront of her concerns, from the health of her father, to the London lifestyle of her son Daniel and the upbringing of her grandchildren. She had a close relationship with her Bell sisters and brother and there is a constant round of visiting and dining.

Financial worries are a  theme. Occasionally a change of fortune seems to be on the horizon but never totally eventuates. Priscilla’s writing is an important component of the family’s finances. She writes not just for the money but it is also a creative outlet.

In the wider community she is always thinking of ways to assist people with soup schemes and the development of benefit clubs although she often has to struggle to see her vision realised.

Like many women in this century Priscilla was concerned with a lack of time especially to devote to her writing. Family demands always come first.  She gives the sense that she knows she is a successful woman but her Journals  also reveal occasional expressions of self doubt and personal admonishment.

Following is a link to a transcript of Priscilla’s 1798 Journal.

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