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In The Traveller in Africa, published in 1814, Priscilla moves the story of the Middleton family through time to age her characters. At the beginning of the book we are told that Mrs Middleton had died, Catherine was married and Louisa lived with her and that Edwin was studying law. Arthur had attended Cambridge for three years but the changes in his family, especially the death of his mother, had left him alone but also free to pursue his desire for travel.

Although the title suggests a single traveller the character of  Sancho is included in Arthur’s journey to Africa.The circumstances of  Sancho’s life had also changed with the death of his wife.

The progression in the life story of the Middleton family is interesting in itself and reinforces the idea that Priscilla may have been based some of the characters on the Wakefield grandchildren

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Priscilla’s fourteenth book and fourth in the Middleton family series was the The Traveller in Africa.

But that was just the start of the title like most of Priscilla’s books they conveyed a lot of information.  


Traveller in Africa :

Containing some Account of the


Natural Curiosities,



of such Parts of that Continent and its Islands, as Have Been Explored by


The Route Traced on a Map,


The Entertainment and Instruction of Young Persons

The full text of The Traveller in Africa

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Sisters & friends

Some of Priscilla’s books feature a set of characters who are sisters or close friends. Three of the following books are entirely made up of letters. In the two natural history books Felicia is the main correspondent and in Instinct Displayed there is an exchange between the two characters.

1796 Sisters Felicia and Constance in An Introduction to Botany

 1805 Sisters Emily and Lucy in Domestic Recreation

1811 Friends Caroline and Emily in Instinct Displayed

1816 Sisters Felicia and Constance in An Introduction to the Natural History and Classification of Insects

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