An Introduction to Natural History

The book, An Introduction to the Natural History and Classification of Insects, in a series of letters with engravings was published in 1816 and is a companion volume to the 1811 Instinct Displayed, in a Collection of Well-Authenticated facts, Exemplifying the Extraordinary Sagacity of Various Species of the Animal Creation. Priscilla returns the sisters Felicia and Constance to their letter-writing activities in their study of insects. This delightful book is illustrated with plates of coloured illustrations.

In the preface she writes:

‘Amongst the beneficial improvements of modern times, few deserve higher estimation, than the increased attention to the education of children of all ranks ; which is generally facilitated by the number and variety of judicious books that have been written for their instruction and amusement. Nonsense has given way to reason ; and useful knowledge, under an agreeable form, has usurped the place of the Histories of Tom Thumb, and Woglog the Giant. No branch of science seems better adapted to this important purpose, than natural history … The success of my “Familiar Introduction to Botany,” has induced me to attempt one on a similar plan, on the pleasing science of Entomology. Believing insects to be quite as interesting as flowers … my acknowledgements are due to Dr Shaw and Mr Barbut, as the principal sources from which I have collected my materials.’

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