Remembering Isabella

Isabella Head (b. 1841) was Priscilla’s granddaughter. The daughter of Alfred Head (b. 1797) and Elen Cooper.  Alfred was the second eldest child of Priscilla’s daughter Bell. I have come across this book for sale on the Internet. It is not listed in the British Library or the Library of Congress. The Library of the Society of Friends do not hold a copy.

I am wondering if Isabella continued the philanthropic works of her mother or grandmother? This book may be able to describe those activities and if so I would be interested in finding out more about Isabella.

Note: this post has been updated following new information. I had confused Priscilla’s daughter and granddaughter.

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In 2008 a plaque was erected to commemorate Priscilla Wakefield by the Haringey Council  

There seems to be a photo but some confusion about Priscilla’s year of birth (1751 is correct).

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