Editions, editions, editions

The following publication gives an interesting indication of the number of editions of Priscilla’s books that were published to the year 1867. See pages 848-851 for the listing. Also note the publications of Priscilla’s sons and grandson.

See : Descriptive Catalogue of Friends’ Books

Full title is: ‘A Descriptive Catalogue of Friends’ Books. or Books Written by Members of the Society of Friends, Commonly called Quakers, From their First Rise to the Present Time, Intersperced with Remarks, and Occasional Biographical Notices, and Including all Writings by Authors before Joining, and by those After Having Left the Society, Whether Adverse or Not, as Far as Known.’ By Joseph Smith, Vol II, London: Joseph Smith, 1867.

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A recent edition of the Journal of Literature and Science has the theme of ‘Women in Botany’. The articles by Sam George and Alison E. Martin discuss Priscilla Wakefield in this historical context.

The journal can be viewed on the University of Glamorgan website at the following adress http://literatureandscience.research.glam.ac.uk/journal/issue4-1/ 

I have updated the following post to include this new material. https://pw1751.wordpress.com/2009/08/09/botanical-priscilla/

Also see https://pw1751.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/priscilla-and-the-natural-world/


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